Beer4ever – Flash Game

My first published finished game, with me and my friends as characters. You must select an character and try to get him drunk. Simple click game. Beer4ever was the name of our blog.

Cannon Navigator – Game Site

Game Site Cannon Navigator

In this game there are some concepts of physics, such as gravity, launch with the cannon and collision with enemies, the idea was to make a site that was a game at the same time, development was stopped. To control use the arrow keys and space bar.


Nesse jogo existe alguns conceitos de físicas, como gravidade, lançamento com o canhão e colisão com inimigos, a idéia era fazer um site que fosse um jogo ao mesmo tempo, o desenvolvimento foi interrompido. Para controlar use as setas do teclado e barra de espaço.

By Francisco Mat

Original Design MP3 Player – App

Original design for Mp3 Player

At that time I tought that I could create and lightweight player that can consume less memory than Windows Media Player, I only realized it was impossible after finishing it, because it was built in Flash Player, that even simplest movies consumes and loads a lot of resources, just to exist

Canhão Bão – Game Educativo

Educational Cannon

Educationl game instructions: made to be used in two screens, one for projector and one for computer monitor. Position the Cannon and control it by external controller.

By Francisco Mat & Novometodo