F5 Sites | Footer Bar – WordPress

Create an shared footer element, with inner links, across multiple domains, if you host many sites under same servers. Just put it on mu-plugins and style it editing the single file php code, made to be simple for developers. WordPress F5 Sites DEV projects

Commit date: Apr 1, 2017

Originated from

Pomodoros.com.br Black – WordPress

A versão Black do Pomodoros.com.br é a mais recente, no ar mas não lançada oficialmente, parte da iniciativa de abrir o código-fonte de vários projetos. Após dificuldades da versão green e sua queda por meses, precisei repaginar rapidamente o app, para que novos usuários e antigos tivessem uma nova experiência



Primeiro commit do repo: Feb 24, 2017
Post anunciando lancamento: (o blog surgiu depois)

F5 Sites | Shared Post Tables – WordPress

F5 Sites | Shared Post Tables and Uploads Folder
Hacks WordPress databases, sharing posts and taxonomies tables for multiple wp install under the same database, by default wp only can share tables users and usermeta. Made for use in fnetwork.
It was made after a deception with wp-main, a great plugin to share and republish posts, but that can’t bulk update posts form different domains.

Ranking Calendar – WordPress

Ranking Calendar creates yearly calendar for your posts, including daily ranking for authors published posts. Bootstrap ready! jQuery visual animations and effects!

Archive Calendar fork. Used in pomodoros.com.br, focalizador.com.br and projectimer.com

Project file date is 2007-05-05, but it was a remake of original version.

RSLH – WordPress Game